We’re pleased to announce Club Archivist Andrew Radd will lead BBC Radio Northampton’s live ball-by-ball coverage of Northamptonshire cricket this summer.

A lifelong Northamptonshire supporter and a staple of the county’s airwaves, Radd has been part of BBC Radio Northampton for more than 20 years.

Having literally written the book on Northamptonshire cricket (twice in fact), you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with more knowledge of the Club and it’s players, past and present.

“I’ve been following Northamptonshire for nearly 50 years and I spent 20 of those in the press box, hardly missing a day’s cricket at home.” Radd said.

“I’ve been doing other things for the BBC since then, but my heart has always been with Northamptonshire cricket and it’s great now to have the opportunity to be back in harness behind the microphone and telling poeple about what will hopefully be a successful, if not truncated season for Northamptonshire.”

The BBC will once again provide commentary for each Northamptonshire fixture, home and away. Supporters can listen on radio, online and as part of the Club’s free live stream of each game.

You can follow, engage with and ask about anything NCCC to Radd during play by following him on Twitter.