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All Stars and Dynamos Cricket provides a fantastic first experience for all children to get them involved in playing cricket.

The programme is designed to introduce children to the sport, teaching them new skills, helping them make new friends and have a great time doing so.


Chance to Shine is a Charity that funds County Cricket Boards around the county to deliver in Primary Schools for FREE. In Northamptonshire, we work with around 70 + schools delivering 6-week programmes and taster days

We inspire children to be excited about the sport. We teach pupils how to play cricket and ensure that they learn academic and life skills whilst they take part. We support staff to teach the sport, so that they develop a culture of cricket within their school. We encourage schools to compete, internally or taking part in a local tournament, and help children to take the next steps to progress on their cricketing journey.

Our coaches support school staff to deliver cricket sessions once a week for a six-week period and aim to develop the all-round skills of the children they work with, whilst improving the confidence of school staff to deliver sessions independently.

The sessions are specifically designed for the different ages and abilities of the children and make sure that, whether it’s the very first time a child has picked up a bat and a ball or if they play regularly at their local club, everyone learns and improves during the lesson.

The sessions ensure that children are achieving the skills they need, as set out in the national curriculum, like throwing, catching and ball-striking; and are enjoying themselves at the same time.

Chance to Shine aim to give all children the opportunity to play, learn and develop through cricket

The club deliver a comprehensive Schools Programme supported by funding from Chance to Shine as well as providing additional coaching packages within schools.

If you are interested in finding out more information about what we offer, please contact Matt on


Chance to Shine Street brings cricket to thousands of young people in urban areas. It uses the game to increase aspiration, promote social cohesion and create opportunities in diverse communities. In Northamptonshire, we currently run one street project. This is located in Northampton at Northampton International Academy. We are hoping to add more street cricket projects around the county.

It’s a fast-paced version of the game played with a tapeball – a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape – in small enclosed spaces. With six players per team and 20 balls per innings, it’s cricket’s answer to five-a-side football. Check the rules out here.

Why do we offer Chance to Shine Street?

We feel that every child, no matter where they live, should have the opportunity to play cricket. Chance to Shine Street is a counter for a lack of accessible clubs and green spaces in inner-city areas and aims to make cricket accessible to young people throughout the country.

Street cricket offers a different way into the sport, with 86% of players not part of a traditional cricket club when they joined the sessions. Some – around 1 in 10 – do go on to play at a traditional cricket club or enter park-based T20 leagues but for most the Street project becomes their club.

The projects run after-school or at weekends, they are completely free, players don’t need to bring any equipment and can wear whatever they like. The sessions run in sports halls, youth clubs, parks and community centres for two age groups – Youths (eight–16) and Young Adults (16–24) – and in some locations we run female-only sessions.

For more information please contact Matt on



Could Northamptonshire create England’s next great cricketer?

There’s around 50 clubs in Northamptonshire with junior cricket teams, there’s bound to be one just around the corner from you!

Clubs are always welcoming new junior cricketers, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a bat before, find your local club and get involved!

Find a club near you



The club’s Recreational Department receivings funding from the foundation to help run cricket sessions in schools.

The club delivers programmes in 15 schools in the Kettering area each year as well as hosting a Kwik Cricket competition at The County Ground for the schools in May.

You’ll find more information on the Foundation on their website.

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