This Remembrance Sunday, Northamptonshire County Cricket Club is proud to honour and remember the many players from our club who served their country in two world wars – and in particular those who gave their lives:

  • Captain James Ryan, Military Cross – killed at the Battle of Loos in September 1915.
  • Second-Lieutenant Tommy Askham – another casualty on the Western Front in the following year, August 1916 – aged just 19.
  • Corporal Bryan Tomblin – who died in France during the final summer of the war, in June 1918.
  • Second-Lieutenant Robert Nelson – captain of Northamptonshire in the 1938 and 1939 seasons – killed in an air raid on the Royal Marine Barracks at Deal in 1940.
  • Sub-Lieutenant Eric Dixon – killed while flying from the aircraft carrier HMS Formidable off North Africa, 1941.
  • Gunner Norman Bowell – died in 1943 while a Prisoner of War of the Japanese, in the Solomon Islands.
  • Lieutenant Michael Cassy of the Grenadier Guards – a casualty of the Italian campaign, in October 1944.
  • Gunner Sidney Adams – killed during the crossing of the Rhine, in the final weeks of the Second World War – in March 1945.

“We Will Remember Them.”