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Gray Nicolls Shockwave 300 WK Gloves


Welcome to the Shockwave 300 wicketkeeping glove. The Shockwave range will make you sit up and take notice. It’s designed for the showmen of the game – wicketkeepers that want to be the main attraction. Sound like a bit of you? Continue reading. The Shockwave 300 features the fantastic cool blue colourway, a vibrant, eye-catching addition, which works beautifully with the clean white body of the glove. The fractured pattern, evoking feelings ...of disruption, is perfect for modern, all action wicketkeepers. The lightweight PVC glove is brilliantly durable, ensuring they stand up to the test of time. We know that once a wicketkeeper finds a pair of gloves they like, they are loathed to change them, and with the Shockwave 300, it will be a long time before you need to replace them. Featuring a traditional square cuff, the Shockwave 300 gives ‘keepers extra flexibility in the wrist area, so crucial for their performance. The cuff is also padded with HD foam, giving extra peace of mind just in case the ball misses the middle of the glove. T-Shape webbing offers an increased catching area, especially helpful for those out-stretched, one-handed catches that require every millimetre of reach. The traditional Ping Pong grip promises excellent feel and durability for wicketkeepers, still a hugely popular design in the modern game. Perfect for club wicketkeepers and junior players in age group cricket, the Shockwave 300 gloves will help you stand out on the pitch while optimising your performance behind the stump. Our product designers have worked tirelessly to cram the Shockwave full of features while keeping a favourable price-point. Features:

  • Lightweight PVC glove with ribbed design
  • Traditional Ping Pong grip
  • Traditional square cuff with T-Shape webbing
  • PU cuff with HD foam padding

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