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Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth 100 Batting Pads

The Oblivion Stealth 100 batting pad is a perfect entry level product, ideal for casual adult cricketers playing occasional cricket. Featuring the same hexagonal pattern that run through the entire Oblivion Stealth range, these pads are high in class and performance. The pad offers great protection against medium and medium fast bowling. It comes with a seven-cane rod bolster in the front, repelling your opposition’s opening bowler with ease. A ...three-section knee with diffuser foam protects the painful knee area completely, but with light material so not to compromise your movement at the crease. Side wing diffuser foam protects an often uncovered area of the leg that when struck can be very painful, while the cashmillion and diffuser foam instep keeps the ankle and top of the foot protected against painful blows. Features:

  • Seven cane rod bolster
  • Three section knee with diffuser foam
  • Diffuser foam side wing
  • Cashmillon and Diffuser foam instep

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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