Alex Wakely has acknowledged not just the disappointment of the opening four rounds of the Steelbacks’ Vitality Blast campaign, but the need for the team to re-find what made it successful in the tournament just two seasons ago.

“It’s been very frustrating,” the skipper says in an exclusive and extended video interview currently available only on the Northamptonshire County Cricket Club app.

“The way we’ve played this year has been tough and inconsistent. We haven’t managed to strong a whole game together, even though there have been some good performances in parts.

“To win cricket games you’ve got to perform in all aspects of the game, and we couldn’t be further from that. We’ve been disappointing in the field, and nothing’s been clicking at the moment.

“There’s only so many times you can talk about these things as a group, but ultimately it’s about going out there and delivering it and we’re not doing that at the moment.”

Twenty20 cricket is about fast, exciting cricket, but you’ve got to be 100 percent with your skills or the opposition is going to take the game away from you, which is what’s happened in all four games with us.”

The Steelbacks host Derbyshire Falcons on Thursday evening. Both sides will be seeking to kickstart their Vitality Blast campaigns, but Wakely insists that he’ll be concentrating purely on the Steelbacks’ performance.

“We’ll be concentrating on us,” he added. “It’s a must-win for us and we’ve got these two games back-to-back and we have to win them. Derbyshire on Thursday is a big one for us.

“I almost want us to start again and go out there with a bit of confidence. One of the big things for me is that we haven’t been playing with a smile on our face. When we’ve been a successful side at Northants we’ve had a smile and enjoyed doing what we’re doing. We’ve enjoyed entertaining the crowd, and at the moment we’re not doing that.

“It’s been tough, there’s been a lot of soul searching, but one of the things we’ve done as a group is sat down and thrashed it out and got things off our chest. We’re in a better place now and I’m expecting to go out and win this game on Thursday.”

Wakely covers a wide range of topics in the interview, from the psychology of managing a team on the field, the specific demands of Twenty20 cricket, and his approach to the important role of captain.

You can watch all three parts now by downloading the Northants app onto iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

The Vitality Blast is a great day for all the family, with matches lasting around three hours and simple to

follow Twenty20 action.

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