The recent supporters lunch held at The County ground saw the eighty-eight attendees officially welcomed into the Steelbacks family.

The Steelbacks family was launched last year as a way to ensure that everyone associated with cricket in Northamptonshire feels apart of the family.

You may be a local player, a club volunteer, one of our county players, or a Steelbacks supporter from around the world who only get to watch the team online, you’re all a part of the ‘Steelbacks Family’.

The name was introduced at the 2021 Steelbacks Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards with those honoured being the first acknowledged and recognised members of the family. Part of that recognition was the receiving of the exclusive Steelbacks Family pin badge.

With the first season in three years without any covid restrictions beginning this month, it seemed the perfect time to officially recognise some of our most avid NCCC supporters at the supporters’ lunch.

Patricia Hankins, Steelbacks in the Community Senior Clubs and Community Manager, spoke at the lunch, giving an overview of what it means to be a part of the Steelbacks Family, before presenting the supporters with their pin badges.

With the Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards 2022 coming up this summer, we look forward to welcoming even more amazing people in our community to the Steelbacks Family.

Although we have recognised specific members, we would like to thank anyone who supports cricket in Northamptonshire, you are all part of the Steelbacks Family.