Northamptonshire’s professional support staff have set themselves a challenge ahead of the 2023 summer season.

The staff will be aiming to cover the distance of the perimeter of the British Isles through different forms of exercise to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. The group started the challenge on 1st April and will continue until 29th September.

Northamptonshire Head Physio Nick Allen was the catalyst for the idea.

“I lost my nan to dementia a few weeks ago which is what sparked this really. It’s a terrible condition that affects a lot of families, so I knew I wanted to try and raise some money to support the Alzheimer’s Society and the amazing work they do.”

The group are currently 3793km into the 17,819km target which can be tackled through any distance exercise like running, biking or rowing with everything tracked through a team Strava account.

“We had the idea of coming up with a challenge for the support staff to tackle across the season as it was something to push us, but it would also be something to bring us together as a group.” Allen said.

“We do a lot of travelling across the UK throughout the season already but it’s always on coaches, so we thought ‘why don’t we try and cover the perimeter of the British Isles with different kinds of exercise?”

The group are aiming to raise £5000 for Alzheimer’s Society, if you would like and are able to you can donate to their efforts.