Northamptonshire 2XI played out a hard-fought draw v Glamorgan 2XI on Day Four as the bowling attack held Glamorgan to a modest lead.

Glamorgan batted all day in an attempt to get a lead big enough to chase a win. However, some fantastic bowling from James Sales, Brandon Glover and Ul-Hassan – who all took two wickets each – kept the run rate down and didn’t allow Glamorgan’s score to climb.

With Glamorgan 301/8, the captains shook hands, and the match was drawn.

The result was driven by fantastic work in the first innings by Charlie Thurston who scored 253 runs from 422 balls.  

“I don’t think there was any secret to it really. I just tried to come up with a game plan based on the conditions and the pitch and then it was just kind of a battle of concentration and trying to apply that game plan for as long as possible.” Thurston said.

“At the time we were well behind in the game, and we needed to ideally bat as long as we could to try and get past them and set up a score to bowl at and try to win the game.”

Thurston was batting for nearly 9 ½ hours to secure the total and drive Northamptonshire past Glamorgan’s tally.

“I think that must be the longest I’ve ever batted and so it was definitely a different challenge, probably tougher mentally than it was physically.”

“You just end up getting into a zone really, it becomes a certain tempo that you bat at and you get into the rhythm.

Thurston was supported by James Cronie who secured his first century in Second XI cricket, as well as James Sales who took six-for in the first innings and a further two wickets on Day four to secure a superb bowling performance.

“James [Cronie] batted brilliantly, he was very fluent and when I came out there, I was scratching around for a bit at the start and he was showing me how it was done – playing some glorious drives and flicks over the top.”

James Sales commented on his impressive performance: “I utilised a few short balls as the pitch was pretty bouncy and flat.”

“It’s been useful to be in and around the first team this season to try and gather experience on how they play in certain situations, and I feel as if I’ve managed to use that experience playing for the second team.”

Thurston is hoping that his record-breaking score will help him achieve his goal of playing more first team cricket for Northamptonshire.

“All I can do as a batter is churn out runs, put numbers on the board and hopefully that will get me closer to playing for the first team.” Said Thurston.

 That’s what I aspire to do, play as many first team games as possible in all formats. Fingers crossed I can help contribute to the first team’s big scores and match winning scores as well.”