The County Ground saw its first outdoor action of the year yesterday as Northamptonshire’s players returned to training.

A staggered approach, the Club’s bowlers are the first to return to action with batsmen reporting back from next week.

“We’re really excited about getting back and getting started.” Bowling Coach Chris Liddle said.

“The bowlers are back first, just to get a bit more load and a bit more volume into their legs. To start back it’s just a case of dusting the cobwebs off and getting the bodies used to cricket again and the challenges and strains that brings.”

Today also marked the first time bowling in Northamptonshire colours for new signing Brandon Glover, despite joining the club back in January and living throwing distance from The County Ground.

“It was really good to get out there, I’m staying close to the ground so I’ve been walking round the ground, going for runs round the ground but I’ve just been really wanting to get out in the middle.” Glover said.

“It’s been about 8 months since my operation and I haven’t bowled properly since then so I’d been itching to get out there and let a few balls go.”

While cricket is set to start on the 1st of August, the exact formats and fixtures are still waiting to be confirmed.

“It’s just preseason again for everyone, get back in and get involved. As soon as we get the greenlight with the format we’re starting with we’ll structure their plans accordingly to make sure they’re ready for that first game. The lads have kept themselves fit at home and now we can crack on with cricket skills.” Liddle said.

The return to training also marks the reunion of Glover and Liddle, having previously worked together as part of the Netherlands national setup.

“It’s great to be back with Lids but it was a bit weird at first to be honest because he can’t pass the ball back, he can’t come into our space to help you with technique and stuff so it was all observing from a distance.” Glover said.

“But it was great to be back, getting the cobwebs out. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks, working on a few things technically. He took a few videos so I’m sure he’ll be back tomorrow saying ‘you were way out of line doing this!’, but that’s to be expected.”