The Club has formally submitted a bid for Northamptonshire to be awarded one of eight Tier 1 professional women’s cricket teams from 2025.

Our vision is for Northamptonshire, together with our far-reaching national county partners, to become the heart of women’s and girls’ cricket for central and the east of England, harnessing that regional passion and momentum behind a Steelbacks Women professional team.

“Women’s and girls’ cricket is already a main priority for us as a club, growing the women’s and girls’ game has been the headline initiative for our Steelbacks in the Community team and we’ve seen incredible results already.” Northamptonshire Chief Executive Ray Payne said.

“The number of women and girls involved in the game within our county is growing at a rapid rate, the number of players at all levels in Northamptonshire grew by 160% last year alone.

“Being able to deliver a clear pathway for a young girl in Northamptonshire to progress from soft ball cricket to a full time professional contract, playing at Wantage Road, is a special thing and we are investing hugely to make that a reality.”

Under the proposal the new Tier 1 women’s team would share the same branding and identity as the Club’s professional men’s squads, being known as the Northamptonshire Steelbacks Women.

Board Director Sam Kiddy who champions women’s and girls’ cricket in the county believes the formation of a Steelbacks Women professional side would have a profound impact on the community.

“The work we’ve put in as a club over the last few years to encourage more girls to get involved in cricket is proving so rewarding and hosting a Tier 1 side will inspire many more new players.

“We want to be producing international cricketers within Northamptonshire, that’s the goal.”

“We’ve seen Jodi [Grewcock] and Josie [Groves] named in the England Women U19’s squad this week which is a wonderful start. They’re both incredible young cricketers from within our county and we want to be in a position in the future where talented players like them can proudly say they are Steelbacks on their journey into the England side.”

As Steelbacks, the Club has a proud heritage and strong ambition to be as successful in our local communities as our professional teams are on the field. Confirming the club as a home for professional women’s cricket will create a powerful new identity and purpose for The County Ground, galvanising the club, surrounding national counties and communities and providing greater long-term cricketing ambition for our existing and future fans to rally around.