Northamptonshire County Cricket Club was proud to support the Northamptonshire Jane Roebuck Carers Awards.

There was a full house for the annual Northamptonshire Jane Roebuck Carers Awards on Wednesday 24 January 2018 which brought together carers from across Northamptonshire to acknowledge and celebrate the fantastic contribution that they make to the county.

The prestigious awards ceremony, which was held at Barton Hall, Kettering, not only recognises the commitment, hard work, and selflessness of carers, but it provides an opportunity for them to enjoy an occasion which is dedicated solely to them.

The prestigious awards ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Kettering, Councillor’s, MPs, a representative from Northampton Saints, Northamptonshire County Cricket players Ben Sanderson and Richard Gleeson and a number of health and social care professionals.

The special event recognised the commitment, hard work, and selflessness of Northamptonshire carers, but also provided an opportunity for the county’s carers to enjoy an occasion which was dedicated solely to them.


Young Carer of the Year – Tilli O’Shea
Carer of the Year – Jayne Evans
Shining Star Award – Debbie Ling

As many as one in ten people are carers and in Northamptonshire alone there are over 70,000 known carers. Not only do carers make a significant difference to the lives of the people that they care for, they also save the state an estimated £132 billion a year.

“We had a record number of nominations this year again for the Carers Awards and that is testament to the recognition of how much of a difference that they can make to people’s lives.

The awards help acknowledge the vital role that carers play in helping the wellbeing of people across Northamptonshire and are an important platform to help raise the profile of the amazing work that carers do across the county. Carers are often unsung heroes and while there were three overall winners on the night, it goes without saying that all carers truly are winners who do something quite remarkable every day.”

Mark Major, CEO of Northamptonshire Carers