Northamptonshire County Cricket Club reaffirms its abhorrence of racism, and of any form of discrimination based on race, nationality, gender or sexual orientation.  It is the anthesis of what this club stands for.

Northamptonshire expects high standards of its players, support staff, officials and spectators. We would welcome engagement with any former employee, player or otherwise who encountered an issue during their time at Northamptonshire County Cricket Club. Any incidents that are reported will be investigated rigorously and sanctions imposed if appropriate.  

Northamptonshire has welcomed cricketers from a variety of countries, traditions and backgrounds over many years, and will continue to do so.

We continue to work alongside the ECB and PCA with ongoing education programs with focus on diversity and education for all.

As part of a burgeoning relationship with some of our neighbouring National Counties, Northamptonshire’s cricket development team is reaching out to different communities with the ambition of making our club even more diverse and inclusive. This process is central to our future.

In addition, the club is working to educate the young cricketers in our Talent Pathway and Academy about the club’s history and values. Our proud record of bringing cricketers from around the world into the Northamptonshire ‘family’ is an important component in this programme – and the NCCC players of tomorrow can see the likes of Mushtaq Mohammad and Bishan Bedi honoured in the club’s Hall of Fame at The County Ground.

Cricket should be a game for everyone. It faces profound challenges at present – but Northamptonshire aims to be at the forefront of meeting those challenges and securing a game that future generations can feel comfortable in.

If you have anything that you wish to discuss with the club or to report an incident, we ask you to reach out to the club on