Graeme White will continue as a Steelback for another year after signing an extension to his multi-role contract at the Club.

The 1-year extension sees White continue playing T20 cricket as Northamptonshire’s longest serving player, having made his first-class debut in 2006 and first representing the Steelbacks the following summer.

White has gone on to make 144 appearances for Northamptonshire in T20s and still feels as if he has plenty to offer out on the pitch.

“I’m absolutely delighted to sign the new contract. I feel like I have plenty left to go out there and contribute for Northamptonshire and be a part of a really exciting T20 side that’s shaping up well for next year” said White.

“With the additions of David Willey, and Chris Lynn coming back, to add to what we already have, I think it’s exciting times and I really do believe that we have a good chance of going far in that competition.”

As well as being Northamptonshire’s all time leading wicket taker in T20 cricket, White has taken on coaching roles over the last couple of years as Head Coach of the Second XI as well as the Club’s fielding and spin-bowling coach.

“I’ve really enjoyed the role of Second Team Coach and I feel as if I’m constantly learning in the role – especially being in and around the lads on a daily basis and trying to guide them through their careers that are all at different stages.”

“Hopefully I’m contributing as much as possible to get them improving and get them into that first team.”

Taking on the role of player and coach at the same time had been a particular challenge for White, one that he feels he has now overcome and is ready to push the team even further next season.

“I don’t think there’s any real guide to the transition from a player to a coach, to blend the two has been difficult but not impossible and I’m always learning and trying to work on doing things better. I’ve got good support around me with all the other coaches and the players have been great as well.”

“In terms of goals, it’s getting the team to win the T20 again. It’s not impossible, we’ve done it twice and we know that we have players in that changing room that know what it takes to get there and be the best team in the country.”

“I really do believe, with the side that we’re putting together now, we have a blend of everything that you need to go a long way in that competition. I’m very excited for next year.”