Northamptonshire County Cricket Club are pleased to announce that Good Gains have entered into a partnership with the Club to provide the playing squad with first class meals.

Good Gains create meals for professional sports teams with ingredients that help athletes perform at their peak for longer and then recover quicker. The Banbury based company provides a convenient means of fuelling our players with the quality nutrition that’s required for peak performance.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Northamptonshire County Cricket Club to provide them with our performance and recovery meals for post training and travel days” said Ricky Russell, Founder & CEO of Good Gains.

“The impact that quality nutrition has on an athletes ability to perform at their peak can not be overstated and we are very excited to be able to assist the players and staff at Northamptonshire CCC in that regard”.

Chris Lorkin, Head of Physical Performance said “This is a great step forward for how we approach nutrition at the Club. Good Gains have an efficient team working behind the scenes and I look forward to seeing how this relationship develops”.