Northamptonshire Chairman Gavin Warren has reaffirmed his commitment to be working in the best interests of the county in response to the ECB’s High Performance Review.

The review, which sets out a number of recommendations for cricket to consider and implement was published in September and the board have been reviewing the proposals and the impact they would have on Northamptonshire.

“There’s been a lot of discussion internally, including with our Supporters Representative Linda Fisher, but we made the decision not to jump to releasing statements with early opinions because we felt it was important to really digest and understand everything.” Warren said.

“Our supporters can be assured though, we are doing our due diligence on it and our main focus is protecting Northamptonshire and ensuring the best for our club.”

The Chairman, alongside Chief Executive Ray Payne and Head Coach John Sadler, will be attending the upcoming Northamptonshire Supporters Club lunch where they will speak on the topic as well as fielding questions from the room.