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ECB Foundation 1
ECB Foundation I Coach is a new coach development programme and qualification that has been created to help more people take their first steps into coaching cricket.

A blend of e-learning and face-to-face modules led by ECB Coach Developers will explore what coaching looks like, the impact you can have as an ECB Foundation I Coach, the skills you can help players to develop and how you can learn from your experiences.

Anyone over 17 years of age can attend the course but you’ll need to be over 18 to be certified.

A Safeguarding Young Children qualification and valid ECB DBS check are required before taking this course.

ECB Advanced Coach
Players need coaches with expertise, support and passion at every stage of their development. At all levels of the game coaches can make a difference to a player’s experience and help them enhance their performance.

This programme has been designed to build on your experiences and give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to help players improve their game as well as developing a wide area of expertise when coaching individuals, units and teams.

This 8 day course spans 3 months and is available to those who hold an ECB Level 2 or equivalent.

You’ll also undertake individual and group coaching with players in your own club environment.


The purpose of ECB Coaches Association is to inspire participation and maximise performance of cricket coaches and players.

Members come from all levels of the game, right from the England team downwards, and have somewhere to turn to get the ongoing support all coaches need in order to be the best they can be.

Nationally, the ECB Coaches Association offers a range of products and services that help you to support players.

Your membership will provide access to the latest thinking and developments through our resources, invitations to workshops, networking with like-minded coaches as well as being able to wear the ECB CA three lions.


This is an online course which lasts 3 years and is a requirement for all active coaches.

It’s a free course provided by the ECB and accessed through their eLearning portal.

If you have an eLearning account already, click here to login and complete the course.

If you need to register for an eLearning account, contact Patricia Hankins.


The ECB’s free online learning resource is designed for anyone interested in getting into coaching.

The course will help inspire participation and maximise performance of coaches and players.

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